Wednesday, March 14, 2012

My reflections of first week

 The students were actively involved with the project.I grouped the students via team up, It was a very good way to group the students (avoiding best friend groups). The lower achieving students were  together with the higher achieving students in the same group. At first I didn't think the match up would work out. However, to my surprise, the lower achieving students were very eager to do the work.
      I had some problems with the introductions of the Web technologies (young learners). I guided them on how to  browse for online information, and how to gather data online,how to find links to make online quizzes, games, puzzles but it is still a problem that they can't browse by themselves. But they have learned how to make quizzes, games, and puzzles using the links those we stored in diigo library. My students are excited to use technology and learning .
     Using the iTEC collaboration environment is an other problem for my students. Most of them don't use facebook or twitter , and don't know how to join the groups. I've encouraged them and asked the parents to help them.Hopefully, they will learn.
    The students worked well with their partners and really enjoyed showing the rest of the class what they had done.

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