Wednesday, May 2, 2012

What happened during the implementation of the second plan

 After I had explained the topics to the groups, they all planned what each of them would do. They browsed the web to find the resources. A student from each group took the responsibility to record what they had planned to do.  A group created Bingo cards about food and drinks. And they played the game with their classmates.
An other group created animation,
 Then they wrote short dialogues about the food and drinks and presented role plays.
 Some students created quizzes and games and shared them. The others commented on them. They have started sharing their resources through the facebook.

 At the beginning of this Project my students hardly knew the web tools;  We haven’t got ICT lesson or teacher at the school. I have been introducing the tools as clearly as they can understand. They like team up tool, they have learned recording flash news but they only can record at school as they expressed me that they didn’t have microphone or camera at home. They can use diigo easily. I tried to show them how to use dropbox but it was confusing for them.But the web tools for creating games, puzzles and quizzes are highly welcomed.  Last week I introduced them Prezi, one of the students prepared a PowerPoint slide about their topic. We used that slide to create the prezi .
I hope, some of them will be able to create new presentations via prezi.  

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